Sometimes you want to to just say what you see. This pandemic has revealed so much! It has caused people to gain clarity, refocus energy, figure out the important things in life and to leave some things in the past. We have lost people and love ones to this fight against what’s in the air. Sometimes things seem uncertain. But what I do know is that I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging for bread. No matter how things look, God has His hand on you and He is working it out for your good.

If you think about life; you will realize that love is really all we need. Love is so important to our survival. However, nobody is born knowing how to love. Truth of the matter, we rarely know how to love. One can say that love is a great experiment and is a learned behavior. Right now, more than ever, people are experiencing great difficulties in relationships and love.

So, how do I know that love is a learned behavior? Think about it, nobody has to teach a child how to be mad or angry but as we grow, we have to learn to love. As adults, we may relate love to pain and abuse because oftentimes that’s what is happening in relationships. Why? Because love is mainly taught by people who don’t know love so there is a perpetual cycle of not experiencing love. That may sound elementary but its true.

Its just like going to school. If a student experiences a bad teacher, they will not learn. Oftentimes, in relationships, rather its with family or chosen mates, there can be a disconnect in how we experience love. So if we experience bad teachers to teach us how to love, we never learn. When in a relationship, you have to experience the love of Christ to really love someone else. You, also, must know what you want. If not, you will move on from the one relationship to the next relationship treating that person like the former person.

In order to know what we want, its important to stop pleasing everyone. We will never know what we will like if we are people pleasers. My prayer today is Lord teach us how to love you. Teach us how to make the right love connection in you. Let there be no more takers in our lives, only givers; not only that, lets attract people that are not just talkers but put action behind there words. I am encouraging someone today to be a woman or man of action. We are need to give love and be love. Remember love is a decision. Make the decision to love today.

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