Blog: I See Gifts

Proverbs 18:16 says that a man’s or woman’s gift will open doors for him or her and brings him or her before the great. The New Living Translation says giving a gift can open doors; it gives access to important people.

As we were opening gifts Christmas morning of 2019, I thought to myself it is nice to see all the smiles and how happy everyone was to be receiving gifts. How each gift seemed to soften the heart of the receiver and the giver. It was a great witness to watch.

Then I thought to myself that in us are gifts to be unwrapped. Gifts that God has placed inside of us that we have not touched yet. Gifts that if opened would give us joy unspeakable. If you did not know, there are gifts and talents down on the inside of each of us. And with those gifts we are to walk out our plan and purpose that has been predestined from the beginning. Just like it would be a shame to receive a gift from a loved one and to never open it. It would be double the shame to have gifts that were given freely to us and to never discover what’s on the inside.

I urge and challenge you to dig deep and discover your gifts that the Father has given. You may just discover that you have great qualities you didn’t know you had. Once you open the gifts that God has given don’t hide them but use them. God gave you those gifts to use because you are valuable and for you to maximize them here on the Earth and Let His Kingdom Come.

Let’s decide today that in 2020, we are unwrapping the gifts that God gave each of us so that we can discover what’s inside the treasure box of you!! In 2020, I see you being blessed, loved, favored and accepted .

Before I leave this message: I want to share that for years I thought that “Milki” only meant Queen in Hebrew but just the other day I found out that “Milki” also means Gift of God. What a blessing it is to know that we are all gifted and not only gifted and talented but we are all Gifts of God. Please always remember: Jesus in the ultimate gift to humanity and You are the gift of God and You are the Victory! Go Win in the Kingdom, Be Blessed! Your girl, Milki Way