Welcome to Kingdom Women Win! The Kingdom of God is “the King’s domain” and it is available to everyone. The Kingdom is within you and within you is abundance. Abundance is about having dominion and using your authority to maximize and pursue purpose to produce prosperity. Let’s begin to live this abundant lifestyle where you walk the “milki way-the gift of God way” -classy lifestyle! Ruling from a place of rigteousness, peace and joy in Holy Spirit! 

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We all can win in Life! There is no scarcity in God’s Kingdom. Let’s live this life in abundance with No Excuses! God wants Kingdom representatives on the Earth that will display His Kingdom’s winning power. The battle is already won but we must manifest the Kingdom on Earth. Let’s begin “Women” to walk victoriously through a heart of gratitude leaving no offense unturned. Let’s keep our focus on God and forget about the cares of this world because they will weigh us down. Let’s begin to live by faith, joy, peace, and love in all areas of our life because the minute we allow the hustle and bustle of this life to change our focus, we get anxious, feel defeated, and became petty. Now is the time to refocus and live authentically you!




Her message is clear! We can’t lose in God’s Kingdom. Rather through her 5 bestselling international books, crystal clear messages, or beauty tips for cosmetics line: Milki (Gift of God) Way Cosmetics & Skincare she continues to further the Kingdom of God. Milkia has been Inspiring, Influencing and Impacting, people in a positive way for more than a decade! She has a distinct way of helping people rise above their circumstances and use their gifts and talents. So they can discover that they are the gift.  She empowers people through  Biblical principals to live the plan and purpose God has ordained for their lives by encouraging them to go for their dreams and gain prosperity. 

Milkia never thought in a million years that she would be chosen by God to teach his Word. “By the time God had worked several miracles in my life, it was apparent that God was calling me to minister His truths to others. So I surrendered.”

After transitioning from being a single mom in her teenage years, battling insecurities and the feeling of not enough and living life from an external perspective, Milkia began to fight God’s way and speak prophetically over her life. Her life began to move and manifestation occurred.

The process of pushing toward purpose developed Milkia from using her gifts her way to using her gifts God’s way. Milkia is now a powerhouse wife, mother, businesswoman, and thought leader all of which took discipline, dedication and determination along with knowing the Word of God. Her desire is to help as many people as she can live authentically. “I want every young girl, young lady and fabulous woman to know that YOU ARE ENOUGH. I know you can live your best life in God. I believe your pain has the ability to produce purpose and assignment for your life. I believe there is greatness inside of you. “I will hold you accountable for your greatness. I will be your mentor to take you to your next level. 


6PM | JANUARY | 2021